What is it?

A coding dojo is a safe place to deliberately practice and develop your coding skills, and perhaps learn something new too. We don’t really (read: never) stick to a strict dojo format but rather brainstorm ideas for problems to solve, choosing one by popular, if complicated, vote, and then break into teams courtesy of the London Python Dojo Fully Patented Numbering Scheme for an hour and a half of furious coding (at least, furious something). To wrap the evening up each team does a “show and tell”, and end with drinks in the pub.

Here’s a presentation given at Europython 2011 that explains things further. And a blog post: “How to Run an Awesome Code Dojo”. And some more blog posts.

Food and refreshments are kindly provided by each month’s hosts and O’Reilly support us each month by supplying a book to “win” in the name tag “Tombola”.

When is it?

Usually the first Thursday of the month, with beer & pizza from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, followed by coding until about 10pm.

Where is it?

We're very fortunate that a number of companies are willing to host the Dojo, as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. Since the beginning, Fry IT have generously acted as hosts and they continue to do so often for which support we are very grateful.

The host company and location for each month will be announced with the rest of the details a week before the Dojo.

How do I sign up?

We use Eventwax for our bookings. When the month's event has been created it is announced on the Python UK Mailing List and via the @ldnpydojo Twitter account.